The Archives


“I have devoured the writings on voice by Cornelius Reid and visited one of his Master Classes in New York City. The most important thing one can learn from them all is to allow the voice to function according to one’s own particular instrument rather than making it happen. I have followed this practice all of my 50 years of singing.” –Grace Bumbry

The Cornelius L. Reid archive is comprised of 683 voice lessons and classes recorded in CD and DVD format, and is housed in the Moffett Library of Midwestern State University. New material is being added as it becomes available. The archive is available only on site. Arrangements to access the material can be made by contacting Allison Breen, reference librarian, at: 1-800-259-8518.

Questions about the archive may be directed to Dr. Don Maxwell, professor of music, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas, by email:


A six set CD/DVD containing a portion of these archives is now available at the nominal fee of $30 postage paid; Foreign: $35. This set can be ordered through Dr. Don Maxwell at: Included in this set are samples of vocal development over extended as well as short periods of time, excerpts of lessons demonstrating the use of exercises, the coaching of songs and arias, and a DVD including portions of a master class given in conjunction with the American Center for The Alexander Technique.

Miss Bumbry also has this to say, I cannot praise Cornelius Reid enough for giving us the audio/visual aids to the proper way of singing and hope that this material becomes obligatory reading, hearing and visual material for every serious school of music interested in the healthy voice.”